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Flower of Life Institute, an organization focused on raising human consciousness, is seeking creative dedicated people to join our team. If you are passionate about raising consciousness on a global scale and interested in leading edge breakthroughs in alternative health, science, energy, spirituality and technology - you are the perfect addition to our team of professional and passionate individuals who are making a difference in this movement. We encourage you to review the positions below and respond, via the questionnaire below, with your interests and qualifications. You do not need extensive experience to apply, and can reside anywhere in the world.

Current openings:

Editor-in-Chief, Awake Journal

Awake Journal is unlike any online publication on the planet today. With high vibrational content from the pioneers of our time, it was designed with frequency in mind. The mission of Awake Journal is to lift human vibration by focusing on solutions and cutting-edge advancements in the movement to higher consciousness. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for sourcing new content, reviewing and editing submissions, overseeing the layout and creative aspects of the journal and contributing articles. The goals of this position are to increase visibility of the Journal and the organization, inspire and educate the public on ground-breaking news in alternative health, technology and spirituality, and become a pioneering voice in the movement of expanded consciousness.

We are seeking a candidate who is excited about the mission of the organization and its various initiatives, and has a desire to create positive change in the world. Awake Journal is a medium through which we aim to educate the public on topics both internal and external to the organization. As such, the Editor-in-Chief is a highly visible, public position, working closely with volunteers and staff members to write stories on upcoming projects, as well as attending our events to interview experts on topics they are presenting. The Editor may also co-create articles and commentary with recognized professionals in fields of higher consciousness around the globe. The ideal candidate will possess a love and talent for writing, have a knack for editing and enjoy researching alternative topics. No prior experience is necessary.

Social Media Coordinator

This dynamic position entails overseeing the organization’s social media accounts across multiple platforms. The ideal individual will have knowledge of conventional social media websites, such as, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, as well as innovative, decentralized alternatives and content planning platforms. The goal of this position is to streamline social media content, increase engagement and efficiency of posts, and work with the volunteer team to create new content that supports the organization’s vision. English as a native language is preferred, with strong writing and editing skills. Some conceptual understanding of the spiritual and conscious community would be useful.

Copy Writer

The mission of the Flower of Life Institute manifests in a variety of endeavors, including our expo, journal, conscious youth and parenting collectives, international events, conscious action initiatives, educational efforts, YouTube channel and more. Copy writing and editing are the foundation of these initiatives, and are required to support the creation of new websites, social media content, journal articles, graphic design and many other anticipated future projects. The ideal candidate for this position will have some background in journalism or editing, or a personal knack and love for creative and educational writing. English as a native language with solid writing skills is preferred, and knowledge in copy writing would be valuable. This role is designed to work closely with the volunteer team to ensure that the organization’s message is consciously and powerfully expressed in writing.

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